Company History

3 Service Centre was started in 1982 when Owner, Gerhard van Eeden, decided to follow his passion for cars (especially BM’s) and bought a bankrupt car workshop in Parow. At this point the company traded under the name of Auto Service Centre, which is still the holding company to this day.

In 1989 the company moved premises to the Shell garage in Duranville main road. Combining with the owners other business interests. It was when the business moved to the Total Garage in Durban Road that the decission was made to go from specialising in all german vehicles to specialising in only BM’s.

After considerably growth the company moved to bigger  premises, renting the back section of what used to be the old Bellville Jail. Where it traded for 10 years, untill forced to move as the land owners developed this area to what is today known as Willow Bridge.

The Company spent 10 years at these premises before purchasing its current building in Stikland Industrial where it has been since 2003.